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What makes Christmas, Christmas?

by Matthew Ridd on Oct 29, 2021

What makes Christmas, Christmas?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go the streets are being lavished with decorations. With 160 countries gearing up to celebrate Christmas, it is safe to say Perry Como and Michael Bublé were spot on. As so many people celebrate such a personal holiday, everyone is likely to have their own opinions on what makes Christmas, Christmas. This article is an exploration of a couple of trends that permeate through all or most of these cultures and their origins.

The joys of giving.

Christmas is about love, affection and showing appreciation to our closest compadres. Be it the gift-giving of the Three Kings who followed the star to Bethlehem, or an overweight Santa squeezing through exceptionally skinny chimney pots. The heart of Christmas is the joy we feel when someone appreciates our gift. As we mature, like big old goblets of mulled wine, some of the magic we felt as kids begin to fade slightly - or at least did. 

One of the more recent traditions, which captivates millions of people every year is a little game called ‘Secret Santa’. Usually played in the workplace, the rules are simple: everyone puts their name in a hat, then picks one out at random. You must not tell anyone who you’ve got - it’s tough. You then buy that person a gift. Wrap it and leave it with only their name with the other before everyone opens their gifts together. This wholesome fun was first created by Larry Dean Stewart in Kansas, USA. Sadly, Larry passed away in 2007 but his legacy will live on. 

The Decorated Christmas Tree.

The joys of Christmas are often symbolised by an evergreen pyramid embellished with shiny tinsel, glowing lights and an angel poised proudly on top. Across the world, homes, towns and cities are decorated with pyramid-shaped trees - but why? 

The tradition dates back to 16th-century Germany where the triangular shape of the Nordmann fir tree represented the holy trinity. The first-ever person to bring a Christmas tree into the home was a preacher who shared a name with another great minister from history… Martin Luther. 

Christmas has changed a lot since its inception and a thesis could be written on the topic so let us know your thoughts on what makes Christmas, Christmas. Is it pigs in blankets? Stocking? or the new Playstation 5? Or something else? We would love to hear from you. 

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