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Real vs. Fake: Should I buy a real Christmas tree this year?

by Matthew Ridd on Nov 01, 2021

Real vs. Fake: Should I buy a real Christmas tree this year?

There are around 8 million real Christmas trees decorated in the UK every year. We've all been tempted by the out of the box convenience of the plastic Christmas tree, so why do we keep going back?

Environmental Impact

There are now more options than ever for recycling a Christmas tree, in London:

  • Most London authorities are offering collection and recycling points on specified weekends in local car parks.
  • The Christmas trees are then recycled into wood chippings for the borough’s parks and green spaces.

P.s. - We will keep updating our blog and make sure to share all of the different boroughs' recycling points.


The tree is a tradition. It is the staple of all homes when decorating for the festive season, it helps carry a sense of joy and comfort just from the smell alone.

The tree brings excitement and happiness when loading up the baubles and tinsel, something that when paired with a smell, can create a memory to last a lifetime.

So, should I buy a real Christmas Tree?

That’s not all, we have also partnered with Tree Nation and will be planting two more trees at one of their projects for each purchase made on our website.

So all in, it’s now more carbon friendly than ever to have a real tree, when 1 tree is bought, 2 are planted in its place, and it can then be recycled and used throughout your community.

For more details check out Our Story.

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