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Oh Christmas tree, how lovely are thy branches? Our top 5 Christmas trees.

by Paul Cellier-Clarke on Nov 27, 2020

Oh Christmas tree, how lovely are thy branches? Our top 5 Christmas trees.

Aretha Franklin sang in her grandiose rendition of ‘O Christmas Tree’, how lovely are thy branches? That is the question we tried to answer. From the terrifically tall to downright beautiful this is our TOP 5 favourite Christmas trees to help inspire your creation this year.


Terrifically Tall

Kiev, Ukraine.


Situated down the road from St. Michael’s golden-domed monastery, this tremendously tall Christmas tree was elegantly embellished with lights and a giant star. It was a beacon of joy for all those who witnessed its magnificence. It can be a tall task finding a tree that is grand enough to stand proud in front of such a beautiful monastery and we think this tree was the perfect match. 

Photo credit: Vitaliy Zamedyanskiy


Grand Traditional

Budapest, Hungary.


The red and white polka dot baubles, oversized snowflakes with a backdrop of twinkling lights made us feel really Christmassy. Its traditional elegance made us feel warm inside and we feel it could be replicated at home - albeit on a smaller scale. This primmed and trimmed evergreen cone of excellence has earnt its well-deserved place on our top 5 list. 

Photo Credit: Anna Hunko


The Ice Queen

Vancouver, Canada.


The icy colour palate with a touch of gold superbly complements its surroundings. We feel it encapsulates both the traditional and the modern in a superb display of cold and warming tones. It is topped off beautifully with an icy halo to form a beautiful Christmas deity.

Photo Credit: Jenni Miska


Trinket Tree

Unknown location


This marvel has so much detail in the form of little ornaments that we could stare at it for days. The warm golden feel attention to detail make it an absolute delight. Every time we look at the tree we spot a new little trinket. It is an absolute delight and we want it! From the little feather that perfectly aligns with the outline of the tree to the golden fern leaves, french horn and love heart. It is a beautiful tree and one that would claim centre stage in any home - Wunderbar!

Photo Credit: Alsyshka


Grass Roots

Unknown location


This tree is covered in the best decoration of all - a sprinkle of snow. We loved how this tree made us feel like it had been made at home by someone with an evergreen in their garden. Its personal feel and its beautifully lit traditional charm made us feel exceptionally Christmassy.  Christmas is about the family and this slightly rustic rendition reminded us of childhood memories. 

Photo credit: Jon Sailer.


We hope you are now feeling inspired. Show us your creations next year by tagging us in photos of your Christmas trees. 


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