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World’s First Metaverse Christmas Tree Farm

by Matthew Ridd on Dec 14, 2021

World’s First Metaverse Christmas Tree Farm

Tree2me is opening the world’s first Christmas Tree farm in the metaverse. For centuries we have been wrapped in awe at the spirit of Christmas and with the magic of the metaverse, Tree2me, has brought a whole new dimension to the Christmas festivities.

London residents are now able to order a Christmas tree directly to their door straight from the OVR metaverse. In this enchanting experience you can explore trees, presents and even a dancing Santa.

Combining modern technology with the colours of Christmas, Tree2me has projected the Christmas spirit into the rapidly expanding digital universe. To commemorate this historic moment, we pesent a giant golden Christmas tree was designed by 3D artist lesterpaintstheworld. This has been turned into a one of one NFT which can be enjoyed for generations to come.

The NFT will be auctioned worldwide on Monday 20 December via OpenSea with 50% of the profits being donated to Tree-Nation to support reforestation projects around the world.

Following in the footsteps of giants such as Dominos and Adidas, Tree2me, a London-based Christmas tree start-up partnered with Dream Kollab, Lesterpaintstheworld and the OVR Metaverse to show the world the future of both e-commerce and the internet.

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