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Tree Care

by James Hole on Nov 08, 2020

Tree Care

All our Christmas trees are real, therefore they need just as much care as any other plant. In order to keep your tree looking healthy please follow our guide below.


The most important point is to regularly water your tree. All of our stands have a built-in water reservoir which you should top-up every 1-2 days or whenever it's running low. We also recommend, if possible, to cut away around 2-3 centimetres off the trunk of the tree. This will help with water absorption. 

A real Christmas tree will normally drink around 1-2 litres of water a day!

Heat Sources

A fire, radiator or air duct will cause your tree to dry up faster. In order to maintain your trees day 1 lustre it is also best to display your tree away from direct sunlight. 


You should take the Christmas tree out of its net and put it on display as soon as possible.


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