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How to be more eco-conscious this Christmas!

by James Hole on Nov 15, 2020

How to be more eco-conscious this Christmas!

While Christmas is a season defined by generosity and gift-giving, there is no denying it is also a time of abundance and consumerism. Here at we’re all about sustainability. One of the main reasons we started the business was to provide a service that people could rely on whilst taking responsibility for our environmental impacts. 

We decided to partner with Tree-Nation, where 2 trees are planted for each tree we sell. Tree-Nation is a registered non-profit and has planted over 5,000,000 trees since 2006 - we’re really excited to be working with them. We wanted to engage our customers as much as possible, so when you purchase one of our Nordmann Firs, we will email you letting you know which country, and which type of tree you have planted. With forests all over the world it is a great way to contribute something back whilst also making your home as festive as possible this Christmas.

Okay, enough about us! So you’ve bought our sustainably sourced, ethically and environmentally conscious Normann Fir Christmas tree from Now what? 

Well lucky for you we’ve gathered our favourite 5 ways to be more environmentally friendly this Christmas - 

1. Create a homemade Wreath

Why buy a new wreath every year in “the colour of the season” (because the red and gold one you have in the basement is soo last year), when you can make one from scratch? Use materials you can easily find around the house, an old hanger, foliage from outside, berries and dried orange slices, even some branches from your Christmas tree! Plus it’s such a fun family activity, you can create a wreath that is not only sustainable, but a dazzling display of nature.

2. Use a reusable Advent Calendar 

Purchasing a wooden advent calendar is not only a handy way to be kinder to the planet, but if you’re buying one for someone else, it can allow you to personalise the treats the recipient is given for a thoughtful Christmas surprise.

3. Send E-Cards instead of physical Christmas Cards

Okay, I know they make great decorations, and the extra post at Christmas time is really exciting, but Christmas cards really do create unnecessary waste when they’re thrown away at the end of the festive period. Instead, opt for online Christmas Cards, a really fun way to brighten someone’s email inbox. They’re personalizable, and you don’t have to spend hours choosing a card that is appropriate for your Grandma, your boss and your friends. Plus no waste – what’s not to love?

4. Purchase sustainable, recycled Crackers

If you want to reduce your negative environmental impact, then you can replace your traditional plastic or single-use crackers with more sustainable options. There are plenty of eco-friendly alternatives on the market, including recyclable crackers, or why not opt for reusable crackers which you can fill with your own gifts – definitely a whole lot more special than those corny jokes and fiddly toys you usually get, which provide a maximum of one laugh (who needs a thimble these days?!) Instead watch your grandpas face light up with glee once the cracker pops and something he would actually enjoy pops out? Plus knowing you’ve done your bit for the planet provides enough Christmas joy to go around the whole table!

5. Reuse wrapping paper or make your own wrapping paper

According to Envirowaste, over the Christmas period 83 sq km of wrapping paper will be thrown out or burnt in the UK. Instead of throwing away your wrapping paper, keep it and store it with your other Christmas decorations to use for next year! Nowhere to store it? You could always shred it to use as protective packaging for future gifts. As well as this, try to opt for wrapping paper, made from 100% recycled materials, which is easily found from most Supermarkets these days! Or, get creative and make your own! Guaranteed to provide the little ones with hours of entertainment, use old newspaper and paint over the paper with potato shapes and glitter (sustainable glitter of course!). That’s a Christmas gift in itself!

We hope you enjoyed our 5 favourite ways to be more sustainable this Christmas! What was your favourite?

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