How do I order?

Select the tree type above (this is listed on your voucher from Nokia). Please the select your chosen delivery and collection dates.

At checkout you will be able to enter your voucher code in order to claim your 100% discount.

Can I change my tree type?

Yes! Simply let us know the tree type and size you wish to purchase instead. We will then transfer your voucher credit to that tree. For larger trees there may be a small amount payable to transfer.

Where to I find my voucher code?

Voucher codes are issued by Nokia. They will either be sent via email or handed out at events.

What are rental trees?

Our rental trees are potted trees which are replanted in January to be used again the following Christmas. We offer Nordmann Fir and Fraser Fir potted trees.

How do I look after my potted tree?

Place your Christmas tree away from heat sources such as fireplaces and radiators, ideally in the coolest location in your home. You may want to place a saucer under the pot to catch any excess water from the tree. The potted tree should not be placed directly onto a rug or carpet. 

Remove the netting from the tree and let the branches naturally drop. This may take a few hours.

Check whether the tree requires watering by dipping your finger approximately two inches into the soil. If it is dry add approximately one cup of water and check again the next day. The soil should be moist but not wet. Time to decorate! Try not to go overboard with the decorations as this can choke the plant. Keep checking the soil for watering every couple of days.

Delivery Information

We deliver every real Christmas trees ourselves to ensure the very best service for you.

When ordering your tree, you can select your chosen delivery date. This year we are offering free delivery from 26th November 2022 to 22nd December 2022 subject to availability. On the day of delivery you will receive an email or SMS message containing a tracking link and an estimated 2 hour time window for delivery.

If you require delivery to a room, delivery & installation or our decoration service, you are able to select this at checkout for an additional fee.

Collection Information

Our friendly team offers collection & recycling for trees up to 10ft between 2nd January and 8th January 2023.

We collect between 8.30 AM and 9.30 PM each day, however, you can get in touch if you have a specific timeframe in mind. Please ensure all decorations are removed from the tree and where possible place the tree outside at least 30 minutes prior to your collection time. You will receive a 2 hour window on the day of collection.